Linea Makowei und Vitamine du Village zeigen wahre Stärke

Linea Makowei and Vitamine du Village show true strength


The strength of Linea Makowei on wet ground in Groß Stieten

As the rain continued to pound down, Linea Makowei showed true strength and perseverance. She braved the difficult conditions with an impressive performance and proved that she is one of the best riders on wet ground. Her ability to adapt to the adverse conditions and still perform at her best impressed not only the spectators but also her competitors. Linea Makowei's perseverance and unwavering will were crucial to her success in this challenging competition. Her performance on wet ground clearly showed that true strength is not only physical strength, but also mental strength and strategic skill. Linea Makowei is truly a rider who shows her strength in all situations.


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