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The sensitivity of the respiratory tract to external stimuli is one of the most common complaints in horses and is...

The sensitivity of the respiratory tract to external stimuli is one of the most common complaints in horses and is closely linked to a weak immune system. Especially during the coat change period, in addition to targeted support of the respiratory tract through the power of herbs, it is also important to strengthen the immune system.

• To support the respiratory system
• Promotes the self-cleaning power of the mucous membranes
• Strengthens the immune system
• Pelleted and tasty

The decline in biodiversity in the meadows, one-sided feed rations and increased environmental stimuli promote respiratory infections. Many horses are more susceptible to respiratory problems, especially during the shedding period. Mucolyt uses selected quality herbs such as peppermint, thyme, chamomile, ribwort plantain, anise, fennel, caraway, coltsfoot and many more to enhance the daily feed ration.

Tea and herbs are particularly rich in natural essential oils, which play an important role in keeping the respiratory tract moist and clean. Valuable secondary plant substances support the horse's health through their direct influence on the immune system. Through its variety of herbs, Mucolyt provides a wealth of these secondary plant substances for more vitality. It also contains rare trace elements that help detoxify and stabilize the immune system. The diverse herbal composition in Mucolyt not only enhances the daily feed ration, but also supports the natural cleansing processes of the respiratory tract.

Application "Mucolyt respiratory treatment"

Offer approx. 40 g per 100 kg of body weight per day mixed with the crib food. For supportive feeding , around 20 g per 100 kg of body weight per day is sufficient. Note: Not suitable for mineralization to meet requirements.

1 measuring cup corresponds to approx. 130 g

Feeding advice
Due to the higher content of vitamins and trace elements compared to complete feed, this supplementary feed may only be fed to horses up to 24% of the daily ration (including hay). Please stick to the feeding recommendations.

48 hour waiting period for sport horses.

Composition of "Mucolyt respiratory treatment":

Herbs (ribwort plantain, coltsfoot, fennel, sage, mallow, Icelandic moss, peppermint, nettle, thyme, coriander, fenugreek) 50%, chopped alfalfa, malt, wheat bran, oat peel bran, corn germ, barley flakes, calcium carbonate (maritime and mineral), fruit fibers (apple /grape), beet fiber, cold-pressed oil mixture (linseed, sunflower oil), salt, magnesium oxide, seaweed meal, black cumin.

Ingredients “Mucolyt respiratory treatment”

Crude protein 11.0%
Crude fat 6.0%
Crude fiber 15.0%
Raw ash 13.0%
Calcium 1.7%
phosphorus 0.5%
magnesium 0.4%
sodium 0.6%
Additives per kg:
Nutritional physiological additives
Vitamin A 3a672a 34,000 IU
Vitamin D3 3a671 4,000 IU
Vitamin E 3a700 500 mg
Vitamin C 3a300 1,000 mg
Vitamin B1 3a821 30 mg
Vitamin B2 3a825i 30 mg
Vitamin B6 3a831 20 mg
Vitamin B12 / Cyanocobalamin 100 mcg
Biotin 3a880 500 mcg
Calcium D-pantothenate 3a841 40 mg
Choline chloride 3a890 1,000 mg
Niacin 3a314 100 mg
Folic acid 3a316 10 mg
Iron as iron(II) sulfate monohydrate 3b103 50 mg
Zinc as zinc sulfate, monohydrate 3b605 and
Glycine zinc chelate hydrate (solid) 3b607
500 mg
Manganese as manganese (II) sulfate, monohydrate 3b503 and
Glycine manganese chelate hydrate 3b506
200 mg
Copper as copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate 3b405 75 mg
Cobalt as cobalt(II) carbonate 3b302 0.01 mg
Selenium as selenium yeast from Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060, inactivated 3b810 1 mg
Iodine as calcium iodate, anhydrous 3b202 1.3 mg