• Hand MAde in Deutschland Pferde Putzkiste Liesl aus Birkenholz

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Care box

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  • Hand MAde in Deutschland Pferde Putzkiste Liesl aus Birkenholz
Care box
Pferde Putzkiste Liesl
Hand MAde in Deutschland Pferde Putzkiste Liesl aus Birkenholz
Care box

With Liesl we have a horse grooming box for you in which you have plenty of space. The box is made of birch wood and is not only visually beautiful, but also innovative, stable and sustainable. Through the “box in the box” concept, we combine the practical with the innovative. Box within the box means we have two small boxes hidden in our cleaning box. The first flat box is suitable for all small utensils that you need to find quickly and the second integrated box is what we affectionately call the brush box. Here you can store the most important brushes, combs, curries and hoof picks. With just one handle you have your basic utensils for daily care at hand.

Of course, there is also space in the box for one or more bottles if, for example, you B. uses care products or anti-mosquito juice. The lid of the Liesl cleaning box, which always stands upright thanks to two elegant 90° hinges and does not tip over, offers space for your cell phone or keychain. With the leather handle in the middle you can easily hold and carry Liesl. It is built so sturdily that you can also use it as a step and can therefore reach the highest parts of your horse or the highest corners in the stable without any problems. The two baseboards give it a stable and firm hold, even on grass or sandy ground. In summary, you have exactly what you need in your stable. And everything without plastic!

Its dimensions are 40 x 26 x 30 cm (L x W x H)

Special features of our cleaning box

Our Liesl cleaning box is made of birch wood, three metal hinges, a leather strap and screws. If you keep the box in a dry room after working on the horse and care for it once a year with a natural oil, it will accompany you forever.

Why are plastic cleaning boxes bad for the environment?

Almost all cleaning boxes we know are made of plastic. They are usually made from two different types of plastic. The two different types of plastic make disposal difficult. Plastic becomes brittle over time and cracks or breaks; you cannot prevent this.

Model 1: without accessories
Model 2: including accessories (brush, brush brush, hoof picker, mane brush, hair brush, massage brush & Velcro brush)