GladiatorPLUS for sport & leisure horses


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GladiatorPLUS for horses Supplementary feed for sport and...

GladiatorPLUS for horses Supplementary feed for sport and leisure horses

GladiatorPLUS environmental feeding for horses is a feed supplement that has been thought through down to the last detail. The selected and specially prepared ingredients are designed to effectively maintain and support the horse's important health organs, the body environment, metabolism and immune system in conjunction with needs-based feeding and optimal husbandry. GladiatorPLUS environmental feeding provides targeted feeding impulses so that the organism can make maximum use of its potential even under stress. The idea is to help a horse help itself - for a horse that should be able to keep itself healthy, vital and happy.

An effective and bioavailable liquid feed supplement for:

  • immune system
  • Liver and intestinal care
  • Feed utilization
  • Regeneration and willingness to perform
  • enjoyment of life

The GladiatorPLUS environmental feeding for horses:

The intelligent feeding concept for lasting vitality and joy of life.

The horse's body is awesome. In a complex interaction, he works every day to keep himself healthy and productive. The heroes in this system: a busy working community of organs, tissue and cells.

The problem: everyday stress. External influences can influence the body's environment, nutrient supply and the body's ability to maintain its health. However, the organism's employees can only perform optimal work if the horse's body is vital and unencumbered and the body's environment is in balance.

You can imagine the body environment like a backpack. Every living being carries it from birth. At some point the backpack will be full and even the slightest additional negative impact will cause it to become too heavy and perhaps tear. The body feels the same way; it can no longer compensate.

Help for self-help – with environmental feeding. The idea of ​​environmental feeding is to help the body, in conjunction with horse-friendly posture, to continually empty the backpack itself so that it doesn't become too heavy in the first place. The proven natural substances specifically support the organs that are important to health, so that the horse's body can keep itself healthy with the right feeding.

Propolis suspension (10%), beetroot juice (equivalent to 80g/kg beetroot), artichoke juice (equivalent to 80g/kg artichoke), D-ribose, lecithin, coenzyme Q10, additives: sensory additives: ginseng extract (12% ), milk thistle extract (12%), blueberry tincture, turmeric root extract, natural apple flavor, technological additives: stabilizer: gum arabic, binding agent: silica (1.5%)

Analytical components: crude ash: 2%, crude fat: 0.2%, crude protein: 0.4%, crude fiber: 0.3%, moisture: 73%, sodium: < 0.1%, phosphorus: < 0.1%, Calcium: 0.2%, sugar-free: < 0.4%

Exclusively for sport and leisure horses and not for horses kept as farm animals.