Cavalleria Toscana

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The Cavalleria Toscana watch from U-Boat is a...

The Cavalleria Toscana watch from U-Boat is a product specifically designed for drivers and amazons. With a combination of innovative features and retro lines, this watch offers both performance and elegance.

The watch's high-quality sapphire crystal ensures extreme durability and strength, allowing it to be used in all stable activities. The iconic steel case with DLC Black treatment gives the watch a robust look.

The black vulcanized elastic band adapts perfectly to the needs of riders and amazons while providing comfort and practicality. This watch combines elegance and sportiness in one product.

The screw-down crown on the left side of the case facilitates the rider's movements and protects him from possible trauma that could result from a fall. The compensation bubble, which floats freely on the dial, guarantees the watch's resistance to temperature fluctuations, making it ideal for competition areas.

The caseback features an innovative locking ring system with quick battery replacement, making servicing this watch easy.

With the Cavalleria Toscana watch from U-Boat you get a high quality product that meets your needs as a driver or amazon. Its functionality, elegance and robustness make it an ideal choice for all equestrian activities.