Riding helmet with velvet cover and CT logo decoration

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Model: CAP001 ABS10 9999
Color: Black

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Discover the exquisite CAP001 ABS10 riding helmet from Cavalleria Toscana, which combines maximum safety with timeless elegance. This helmet, made in collaboration with Kask, is a masterpiece of protection and style for riders.

With an elegant velvet cover, the helmet has a luxurious look that embodies both comfort and elegance. The subtle CT logos, artfully placed, give this helmet an exclusive touch and underline its first-class design.

The CAP001 ABS10 riding helmet not only offers an aesthetic appeal, but also meets the highest safety standards. The high-quality ABS shell (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and the precise construction guarantee reliable protection during all riding activities.

With its innovative design, this helmet not only offers protection but also optimal ventilation to ensure a comfortable fit. The fit can be individually adjusted to ensure maximum comfort and safety for every rider.

Experience the fusion of safety, style and comfort with the CAP001 ABS10 riding helmet from Cavalleria Toscana. An indispensable accessory for riders who place the highest demands on quality and design.