Power Turnout Combi Neck neck piece

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Model & Color

Model: Turnout Combi Neck 68135

Color: Silver


  • 100% polyester

Care instructions

wash at max. 30°C
already wash cycle
do not spin
do not tumble dry
do not dry clean

The Bucas neck piece Power Turnout Combi Neck offers the best possible strength, durability and quality. It offers perfect comfort and protection at both lower and higher temperatures than other neck pieces of similar weight.

The Power Turnout Big Neck is a great horse blanket for stallions and horse breeds that tend to be wider across the shoulders, such as Friesians, Andalusians and Drafts.

Waterproof and breathable fabric
Bucas Turnout horse blankets are made of waterproof and breathable fabric. To maintain the waterproof and breathable properties of this fabric, it is important that washing instructions are followed. Please note that water finds its way in the horse blankets can be found from the edges and seams. In most conditions this will be very limited, but during heavy rainfall a significant amount of water can run down the neck and into the carpet.

Water repellency
Buca's waterproof and breathable fabrics have an additional water-repellent outer surface that protects the fabric and prevents the outer fabric from absorbing water. This exterior finish is subject to significant weathering and wear and is also affected by washing. To restore the water-repellent properties of the fabric, apply Bucas Rug Conditioner.