Linea Makowei glänzt bei den Hallenlandesmeisterschaften 2024 in Redifin

Linea Makowei shines at the 2024 National Indoor Championships in Redifin


The 2024 Indoor National Championships in Redefin were a true highlight for the equestrian community, and one rider in particular stood out: Linea Makowei. With her impressive performance, she set a strong example for the coming season.

With three horses in her luggage, Linea Makowei set off for the national championships. Cordula's Girl completed the Children Tour confidently, while Cali shone with two error-free rounds in the 1.25m jumping and secured a well-deserved place. But Vita's performance was particularly impressive, as she shone in the Junior Tour. With a faultless round and a bronze placement, Vita showed her potential and gave hope for a promising future in equestrian sports.

For Linea Makowei, the 2024 National Indoor Championships marked a successful start to the season. With her strong performances and promising results, she is looking forward to the challenges ahead. The equestrian world can look forward to further brilliant achievements from this talented athlete.


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