Der ultimative Leitfaden fuer Reithosen

The Ultimate Guide to Riding Breeches


The ultimate guide to riding breeches: tips for choosing the right size and differences between German and Italian sizes.
When it comes to riding clothing, the fit of the breeches is crucial to comfort and performance in the saddle. However, finding the right size can be a challenge, especially when it comes to the differences between German and Italian sizes. In this blog post we will give you valuable tips on how to choose the perfect breeches and explain the differences between German and Italian sizes.

Two different breeches size charts, one German and one Italian, are presented side by side.

1. Find the right size:

Before you buy your new breeches, it is important to know your size exactly. Here are some steps that can help you determine the right size:

  • Measure your waist: Use a flexible tape measure to measure the narrowest part of your waist. Keep the tape measure straight and breathe normally to get accurate measurements.

  • Measuring stride length: Stand up straight and have someone measure the tape measure from your crotch to the floor. This measurement is important to ensure the breeches are the correct length.

  • Consider the fabric: Some breeches are made of stretchy material, while others are less stretchy. Remember to take this into account when choosing your size to ensure the best fit.

    A woman stands in front of a mirror in breeches and measures her waist.

  • Try different brands: Different brands have different sizing guidelines. It is therefore advisable to try different brands to find the one that best suits your figure.

2. Differences between German and Italian sizes:

It is important to note that there are differences between German and Italian sizes. Italian sizes tend to be smaller than German sizes. So if you're buying breeches from Italy, you may want to choose a size larger than you would normally wear.

It is advisable to check the manufacturer's size chart to ensure you choose the correct size. Compare your measurements with the information in the table to ensure the breeches fit optimally.

A rider wears two different breeches to explore fit and size differences.


Finding the right size and understanding the differences between German and Italian sizes is crucial for a comfortable and successful ride. By taking your measurements accurately and checking the size charts carefully, you can ensure that your new breeches fit perfectly and give you the comfort and freedom of movement you need.


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